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Wireless networking is one the fastest growing areas of Information technology today, it simplifies our lives by allowing us to connect and retrieve information without "having to plug in". But with that great freedom comes a whole new batch of issues like security and privacy. New wireless equipment is ready to go out of the box but security is not enabled by default so with that in mind not only is it easy for you to connect but it is also easy for anyone else to connect to your wireless network as well. It has been estimated that 80% of all wireless networks are not secure and allow anyone with a wireless device to connect unauthorized. Here is an interesting article about war-driving (driving around with a laptop and antenna looking for wireless networks) by Eweek. Relia-NET specializes in setting up and securing wireless networks, whether it is a site to site link for a small business or a home user who needs connectivity throughout their house. Want to set up a link between your house and your neighbors so you can share files and play online network games, we have a solution for you.

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