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AQUARIUM 2.0 Deluxe

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AQUARIUM 2.0 for Windows PC is a Hi-Resolution 3-D screensaver with 26 species of fish. All fishes are true 3D objects and not simple bitmaps. No virtual aquarium screensaver are so realistic as this one. Just like a real aquarium you can observe your fishes without any inconvenience. Intensive care and cost of a saltwater aquarium belong to the past. Water temperature and plants incidences or food pattern do not play a role anymore. On the display you can enjoy water animals like royal gramma, Surgeonfish or lion fish which can bend, turn, and swim like real fish. In total 26 unique fish species live in the virtual aquarium. A natural environment made of colorful coral reef tank and algae as well as bubbles sound and lighting creates a serene atmosphere. Developer Jim Sachs, known for classics such as Defender of the Crown explores with AQUARIUM all possibilities of a screensaver. Whether Mac or a PC, graphics are as realistic as possible in true Direct D optic instead of Bitmap images. Seven fish on the screen at once but these can be switched at any time by simply choosing different fish and plants from a settings screen. By this way aquarium fans can compose a unique natural habitat for its fosterlings. The aquarium becomes a true eye catcher on a large flat panel display. AQUARIUM 2.0 is compatible with all PC from Windows 95, 98, ME, 2000 to Windows XP. Relax and calm down!

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